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5 steps to better washed hair




5 steps to better washed hair

Russell Hart

Before we get started! Half the battle is a great shampoo and conditioner. For dry and frizzy hair I'm in love with Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner. What do you like? Let me know!



    1. Start your shower by wetting your hair with warm, not hot water. Just above room temperature, not so cool you’re uncomfortable.

    2. Apply your shampoo at the root. Think about scrubbing and cleaning your scalp, not your hair. Don’t massage shampoo through your hair. When you rinse, the shampoo will travel down the shaft and cleanse the length of your hair.

    3. Rinse well, with warm not hot water. Get out all the shampoo, residue from shampoo will make your hair look dirty sooner. Hot water will cause a histamine reaction that can cause dandruff and increase oil production.

    4. Apply conditioner far from the root, on the mid shaft and ends. If long enough clip your hair up. Leave the conditioner on while you finish your shower. Conditioner has to be left on for at least 7 minutes to work properly, do the best you can.

    5. Turn up the water temperature, so you’re comfortable, finish your shower but don’t let that hot water hit your head or hair. Right before you get out turn the temperature back down and rinse out the conditioner.


    While your hair may look hot, it doesn’t actually like heat.

    Your hair is a log, follow me I promise I’m going some where with this. Hair is made up of a fiberized protein called keratin by the time it’s sticking out of your scalp and making up your mane it’s dead, this much you probably know. What you may not have thought about is the damage aggressive washing and hot water can do to your hair, and how many of the effects of a hard wash can be reversed over time with a gentle scrub and polish in warm water.

    So your hair is a log, right? Just like a log has layers so does each strand of your hair. The outer layer of your hair is called the cuticle = bark. The inner layer that provides strength to your hair is called the cortex = wood. The cuticle protects the cortex just like the bark of a tree protects its wood. And just like a log what we see and feel is that outer layer, in the case of your hair the cuticle.

    Now think about our log saturated with water then drying out day after day, expanding and contracting. Over time the bark doesn’t settle down so well, it looses its smooth texture and will eventually start chipping off exposing it’s wood.  Now think about blasting that log with cleaning agents, detergents, and hot water that increases expansion exponentially.

    Does your hair feel like a log?

    To avoid making your head feel like an old growth forest, use warm water, not hot to minimize expansion and histamine reactions that can cause your scalp to produce more oils or stop producing oils which can lead to dandruff. Your ends don’t like hot water either, the expansion reaction of hot water will cause ends to spilt more aggressively.

    Don’t work shampoo beyond the scalp, remember the longer your hair the older it gets toward the ends and the farther it is from the scalp and natural oils it needs to stay healthy looking. When you rinse the shampoo from your scalp it will travel down the length of your hair and get as clean as it needs to be.
    Conditioning helps settle down the cuticle on each strand of hair. If the cuticle does not settle properly to create a consistent and flat surface it will not look shinny and smooth. Think of the paint job on your first car. In my case an 88 Honda Accord, in 88 a lovely aquamarine, in 98 when I took over the wheel scratches and dents turned it into a dual lifeless bla-green more oil spill less clear seas.

     Dents and scratches in hair caused by an unsettled cuticle will make it look matt and cause hair to snag on its self and at the ends, which leads inevitably to more damage and breakage.  

    Give your conditioner the time it needs to work, at least 7 minutes. Otherwise the cuticle won’t settle and the moisturizing ingredients can’t be properly delivered, the effects of the conditioner will be purely cosmetic and have little to no long term effect.

    It doesn’t take much to change up your washing routine, you’ll see results in as little as 3 to 4 weeks. Proper washing is also a low cost way to preserve color and cut.