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HANDCRAFT AND HART is a hair salon in the Eagle Rock area of North East Los Angeles near Highland Park







Russell Hart


Bangs, fringe, French Botox whatever you call them, fall is here, it's time to take the chop. If you've been thinking about wearing them straight across, in a perfect crescent curve, side swept or up to your hair line now is the time!

Hair styles tend toward more structure in fall, enter fringe a quick way to pump up tailored fall style. Blunt is always better in fall. While I love a choppy fringe, nothing better matches the smart lines of fall fashion like a thick solid fringe. I know that heavy fringe sometimes gets a bad rap for being unmanageable. More often than not this is the fault of the person holding the shears and styling your hair; not the hair it's self. With the right knowledge, tools and product anyone can style beautiful fringe easily.

If you're a first timer who's maybe a bit frightened or your last experience with fringe was recorded in your 5th grade class photo with mixed results you can always play it safe. I often recommend starting with a low, almost at the eyelash but no higher than the top of the eyelid chop. This low super stylish length, curved down at the edges lets you see if you can pull off day-to-day styling with the promise of turning it into a perfect side swept style in a week or so if you decide to back out. Low commitment, high style!

Now to the rules, what can your face shape handle? There is only one rule. You work with your stylist to determine your perfect style. Lines and shapes create different effects on everyone's face; they communicate different identities to the world around you. Now go ahead don't get held up, decide what's important to you and who you want to be. The idea that we've all been saddled with some face puzzle that we have to figure out with devastating consequences if me miss step makes me frustrated with the laziness of the beauty industry. I know for a fact that my clients' personal style is more complex than most beauty writers and editors give them credit for. Work with your hairdresser to find the perfect fringe. You'll be much better off then following arbitrary rules coughed up by a style mag.

So what sorts of fringes do we have to choose from?



Worn low this is the classic fringe, sleek, refined. Ideal for fall.

Worn above the brow this fringe becomes cutting edge fashion, totally appropriate for performance artists and fashionistas alike.

Cut at the eye line and then heavily textured the crescent fringe becomes your more versatile partial fringe. Easily swept from side to side with a few tendrils resting on your face and out of your eyes. Also a great option when growing out fringe!

-straight and thick

The straight across fringe is more assertive at any length then a crescent. This is a youthful look below the brow and highly aggressive above it.

A true straight across fringe is more difficult to grow out than a crescent shaped fringe; However it is easy to transform into a crescent shape to begin the grow-out process.


The V shape often referred to as  "Betty Page Bangs" can be soft and feminine if just the outer edges are turned up or extremely aggressive the more it is shaped into an actual V.

-side swept

Side swept fringe, run short to long across the face, are easy to style and maintain.  They can be blunt or highly texturized and tend to give a more relaxed style to any cut.

Add texture to any of these styles except a hard V fringe for a softer look.