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HANDCRAFT AND HART is a hair salon in the Eagle Rock area of North East Los Angeles near Highland Park





TOUR GUIDE / Weekend Getaways and Nails For Days...

Russell Hart

Still time for one more weekend trip before the Holidays... 

Los Alamos

Looking for a great place to get out of town for the weekend? One last change to have a weekend to yourself before airports, east coast storms, and in-laws.  We're all familiar with Ojai, Joshua Tree, and Palm Springs. The first two are great for aura cleansing while the last will supply you plenty from which you will need to be cleansed... 

Looking for something different?

Most will be drawn to the greater Santa Ynez Valley for wine tasting. As much as we all love hearing weekend wine experts ask rhetorical questions about tannins to the tasting room staff, hunting down pregnant gal pals to drive (because they always stick to just one glass!), and pretending to love the ubiquitous artificial ponds stuffed with koi that come with these places, there is a better way. I mean, I can drive twenty minutes from my house and rub elbows with giraffes while sipping rosé! That’s not a joke, that’s just LA. Okay, it’s actually Malibu. But! What if I told you there was a place with the best bread, scones, croissants, cookies, sandwiches, salads, coffees, lunches, dinners, and dog treats you’ll find in or out of LA, and wine tasting too, all along 3 blocks of the same street. Behold, Los Alamos, CA!



By car, two hours up the coast and thirty minutes inland. 

By train, Amtrak’s (I know Amtrak, the DMV and apathy got together and started a public transit system, but trust us) Pacific Surfline or Coast Starlight offer ocean views everyone should see at least once. Start at Union Station in Downtown LA and disembark in Santa Barbara. Rent a car for the short drive to Los Alamos, and to continue home once your trip is over. You only want to do the train on way. On our trip, we stopped in Ojai, which is on the way. Always love checking in on the P. Space Gallery, Bart’s Books, and the newer Beacon Coffee. 


The Alamo Motel

Easy to book, hip, and affordable. The latest addition to the Shelter Social Club family, the Alamo gets points for its clean style, claw foot tubs, cool kitchenettes, and comfort. We spent two nights here and enjoyed the fire pit and Muni Wine located right in the center of the motel courtyard. Friendly staff is a major plus.

(805) 344-2852

245 Bell St Los Alamos, CA 93440


Cottages at Bob’s Well Bread Bakery

We’ll be checking in here on our next trip to Los Alamos, for sure. Not only do you get a stylish, newly renovated suite, but you also get coffee and breakfast from the bakery. I can’t imagine anything better.


Bell Street Farm

Bell Street Farm was our first stop in Los Alamos. We thought we had landed on the best restaurant in town our first day there. Turns out, they’re all great. Bell Street serves high quality, locally sourced foods with stripped down preparations, in a casual environment. That’s not to say the food isn’t nice to look at and taste, but, rather, that they let the ingredients speak for themselves. A meal at Bell Street will make clear the ground yet to be explored by Los Angeles restaurants when it comes to farm-to-table dining. Bell Street’s easy-going attitude and spectacular dishes rank in the top of any restaurant experience we’ve had in the last year. Their in-house market provides snack and picnic options. Vegetarian options available.

(805) 344-4609

406 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440

Bob’s Well Bread Bakery

THE place for coffee, this nationally-recognized bakery and cafe is one of the best we’ve ever been to. Making its home in a refurbished service station, Bob’s is the best choice for breakfast in town. If you’re lucky like we were, you’ll find Bob at the counter taking and filling orders. It’s easy to see Bob’s touch as a former marketing executive in everything from the design of the interior to the perfect, deep-brown finish on all the baked goods. Nothing is left to chance. Plan on this being your first stop each morning you're in town. Vegetarian options available.

(805) 344-3000

550 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440

Full of Life Flat Bread

Beautiful pizzas and salads. Vegetarian options available and vegans can make substitutions. Great for families.

(805) 344-4400

225 W Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440


Pico was closed during our stay and we were beside ourselves about it. We can only tell you the dining room and building are beautiful, the most striking on the strip. Images of the food were enough to start us planning our next trip to Los Alamos. Beautifully prepared, locally produced ingredients. Secret kids menu and wine bar.

(805) 344-1122

458 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440


Plenty is the best choice in Los Alamos for vegans and vegetarians. While they do serve animal products, there are specific vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu. Plenty is rooted in the idea that good food should be good for you and available to all, ensuring an affordable and tasty menu. Owners Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian run Plenty as an extension of Clayworks Farm, the proving ground for their years of research, study, and development in food systems, permaculture, and art. 

(805) 344-3020

508 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440


Babi’s Beer Emporium

(805) 344-1911

3803 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 

Bedford Winery

(805) 344-2107

448 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440

Casa Dumetz Wines

(805) 344-1900

448 Bell St. Ste B Los Alamos, CA 93440

Municipal Winemakers

(805) 931-6864

425 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440


(805) 344-1122

458 Bell St. Los Alamos, CA 93440

Plenty on Bell

(805) 344-3020

508 Bell St. , Los Alamos, CA 93440

The 1880 Union Hotel

(805) 344-2744

362 Bell St.  Los Alamos, CA 93440